Advanced Debugging

A guide to using Wireshark when debugging complex use such as chained-connections.

Tips and Tricks

Setting up for a specific version

virtualenv2 /tmp/$myvenv
source /tmp/$myvenv/bin/activate
pip install rpyc==$pkgver

Display filtering for Wireshark

tcp.port == 18878 || tcp.port == 18879
(tcp.port == 18878 || tcp.port == 18879) && tcp.segment_data contains "rpyc.core.service.SlaveService"

Running the chained-connection unit test

cd tests
python  -m unittest test_get_id_pack.Test_get_id_pack.test_chained_connect

After stopping Wireshark, export specified packets, and open the PCAP. If not already configured, add a custom display column:

Title,        Type,   Fields,     Field Occurrence
Stream Index, Custom,, 0

The stream index column makes it easier to decide which TCP stream to follow. Following a TCP provides a more human readable overview of requests and replies that can be printed as a PDF.